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    we make sure your garments are easy  to  care  for and simple  to

    travel  with. We wash  everything  twice  before it gets to you. first

    the fabric is washed before it's cut, then the garment gets washed

    to  ensure  there  is  no change in the garment.  our twice-washed

    garments  mean  that  there is  no need  to dry-clean  your delicate

    garments    and  they  won't   shrink  after   you've  washed   them.

    the best  way to launder  your byfreer garment is a gentle machine

    wash  and  put  it  on  a  hanger  to dry (this way you don't have to

    iron!). for  delicate  sheers  we recommend washing in a wash bag.



    we  don't  chase  trends,  we   design  high  quality  garments   in

    beautiful   fabrics  that  will  last.  designer  lesley  watson  initially

    built  the  brand  around  the  idea  of  a  more sensual  basic  tee.

    classic   casual  silhouettes  made  in  luxurious  fabrics  such  as

    silk   satins,  georgettes   and   velvets.   the    best   thing   about

    wearing  byfreer is how it feels! natural and soft, washed and worn

    with unfinished edges and unexpected  surprises  in  the  detailing.



    all our garments  are designed in our Vaucluse workshop and  made

    in   sydney.  We  work  closely  with  our  makers   to  ensure  a  high

    quality  finish  and  attention  to  the  details  that  have  become  our

    signature.  we   are   passionate   about   building   and   maintaining

    relationships with exceptional manufacturers and  small scale makers

    to ensure byfreer create beautiful fresh, ethically responsible clothing.