Coast Tree Street - Bruce Usher
Coast Tree Street - Bruce Usher
Coast Tree Street - Bruce Usher

Coast Tree Street - Bruce Usher

"Awe struck by the beauty contained in Bruce Usher’s photographic love letter, the book - "Coast Tree Street".

Coast Tree Street contains images that are so extraordinary you feel you are right there either surfing that wave, feeling the solemnity of the forest, gawking at the characters in the street scenes or just being over whelmed by the massiveness of nature. Bruce Usher’s photography lets us into his world through his photography and the stories behind many of them. It’s a picture book for grown-ups! A collector’s item to treasure and pass on to the next generation who may not inherit the uniquely beautiful natural environment we’ve come to take for granted."

Paige Turner

byfreer is supporting long time friend Bruce Usher on his first published photographic book. 

I've known Bruce for more than 60 years. We built the world famous "Mona Vale Headland Billy Cart Track" together (Bruce was the real engineer) and spent years surfing at Mona Vale beach as well as incredible waves up and down the east coast of Australia together.

His new book is a fantastic record of the life we older surfers had the great fortune to enjoy back in the 60's, 70's and into the 80's.

Congratulations Bruce and warmest regards,

Andrew Mussett - byfreer.


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