Mud Australia - Nest Bowl - extra large

Mud Australia - Nest Bowl - extra large

This bowl can be used as a salad server for large gatherings or simply as a beautiful display pice full of multi coloured fruits. The extra large nest bowl makes everything look and taste amazing.

All Mud Australia is handmade in Sydney, Australia. Slight irregularities in size, glaze and texture reflect the artisan nature of the product and should be embraced.

(w x h)
50 x 12cm

care instructions:

Mud porcelain is food safe and can, with some care, be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Sudden changes in temperature (eg. from freezer to oven) are likely to cause thermal shock, which will damage your porcelain. Always place very hot items onto either wood or cloth.

To avoid glaze scratches, ideally your mud porcelain will be stored in plate racks or with linen/felt between each item. 

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