our design


Image of Lesley Watson (Designer) in her studio.

In our approach, we prioritise style over passing trends. We are dedicated to crafting enduring pieces—your forever wardrobe essentials. Our commitment is reflected in the creation of high-quality garments fashioned from exquisite fabrics, ensuring they stand the test of seasons to come.

For us, it's all about embracing "life in the slow fashion lane," emphasising the timeless and sustainable essence of our designs.

 Close-up photograph of thread on sewing machine.

At byfreer, we prioritize the care and longevity of our fabrics. To ensure optimal performance, all our fabrics, including silks, undergo a thorough double wash. This meticulous process allows any necessary stretching or shrinking to occur, providing you with the confidence to machine-wash your silk pieces on a cold and gentle cycle.

The design journey begins in our Paddington atelier and studio, where each piece is meticulously crafted. From there, we take pride in manufacturing all our garments in collaboration with local makers in Sydney, reinforcing our commitment to both quality design and ethical production.

 Close-up photograph of linen fabric.

At byfreer, we embrace the exclusivity of limited edition runs for each piece. Once a particular print or style graces our collection, it may not make a return appearance. This unique approach makes byfreer synonymous with originality.

For us, "luxury fabrics deserve attention." We curate high-end fashion pieces characterised by minimalist designs that prioritise the spotlight on the richness of our fabrics. Our philosophy is fabric-forward, offering a distinctive perspective in the world of fashion.

What sets us apart is our different and sustainable approach, ensuring that each creation is not just a style statement but a conscious choice that aligns with our commitment to ethical and mindful fashion.