our design


Image of Lesley Watson (Designer) in her studio.
we are style-focused, not trend-driven. we believe in – and work hard to create – your forever pieces. we design high-quality garments in beautiful fabrics to see you through the seasons to come.
"life in the slow fashion lane".
 Close-up photograph of thread on sewing machine.
we wash all of our fabric - twice, including our silks. this means that any stretching or shrinking that needs to happen has done so. you can feel confident when you wash your silk in the washing machine (on a cold & gentle cycle). 
we design all of our pieces in our paddington atelier + studio. we then manufacture all of our pieces with local makers in sydney. 
 Close-up photograph of linen fabric.
we only make limited edition runs of each piece. once you see a certain print or style, you may not see it again. byfreer becomes synonymous with originality.
"luxury fabrics deserve attention". we create high end fashion pieces with minimalist designs that are fabric forward.
our approach is different & sustainable.