our fabrics



Photograph of sunlight on our fabric stock.

At byfreer, our commitment to being fabric-forward has been unwavering. Divine silks, luxurious linens, and sumptuous velvets speak volumes on their own—we merely discover the perfect way for them to drape and enhance your look.

Our purpose is to design and manufacture highly functional, sustainable garments that incorporate original style designs and original cloth designs using materials that are beautiful, tactile and bring great pleasure to our customers.

We design and manufacture high-end easy wearing women’s fashion and sustainable garments that incorporate original style designs and bespoke cloth designs using beautiful tactile materials that bring great pleasure to our customers.

Our fabrics are not just different; they're truly special, adding a distinctive touch to every byfreer creation.

stretch silk satin 

Indulge in the luxurious feel of our divine stretch silk satin, meticulously crafted with 95% silk and 5% elastane. Notably, it boasts a substantial weight at 19 momme (mm), providing a perfect blend of stretch and opulence. This unique combination ensures that your garments not only wear better and last longer but also offer enhanced comfort.

A signature of byfreer, this exquisite fabric features two distinct sides—a matte finish on one and a shiny satin on the other. Depending on the design, we skilfully utilise different sides for a varied aesthetic. And, true to our commitment to convenience, all your stretch silk satin pieces are machine washable, ensuring both luxury and practicality in your wardrobe.

silk georgette 

Another byfreer silk essential: our frequent use of silk georgette and double silk georgette. The former is a sheer and super lightweight fabric, ideal for layering. It offers a delicate touch, making it perfect for covering arms or adding an extra layer without overwhelming warmth.

As for the latter, double silk georgette, it is semi-sheer and can become completely opaque based on the dyeing process. This variant boasts a beautiful drape and exhibits a look and feel akin to crepe de chine, adding a touch of elegance and versatility to our range of silk staples.

viscose silk velvet 

The viscose silk velvet has swiftly become a cornerstone fabric for byfreer. Whether it's in the form of soft, flowing pants or bias skirts in subtle olive green tones or striking golds, our velvets epitomise the ultimate tran-seasonal luxe look, delivering both opulence and total comfort.

To achieve our distinctive frayed edges, we employ a high-speed commercial dryer, ensuring that the edges are expertly frayed. This unique process allows you to put your silk velvets in the dryer after machine washing—we actually recommend it! Not only does it fluff up the pile, but it also maintains the shiny appearance of your velvets, ensuring they continue to radiate sophistication.

linen and cotton silk

In addition to our opulent silk staples, byfreer proudly embraces a diverse range of fabrics, featuring soft Italian linens, stretch linen blends, cotton silk, bamboo linen, and organic cottons. This rich variety of materials contributes to the unique textures and styles found in our collection.

At byfreer, our hands-on approach to design is integral to our identity. The majority of our prints are meticulously crafted in-house, underscoring our dedication to originality. We remain deeply engaged in every facet of the design process, ensuring a seamless journey from the conceptualization of cloth to the creation of the final garment.

This active engagement throughout the design process is a genuine testament to our commitment to crafting distinctive and thoughtfully designed pieces for our cherished clientele. It mirrors the care and consideration we invest in every detail, ensuring that each garment becomes a unique expression of our craftsmanship and a reflection of your individual style.