the challenges of sustainability


 Photograph in maker's studio of fabric being sewn.

While we consciously strive to make our practices more sustainable, as a fashion brand, it's important to acknowledge the inherent challenges in claiming absolute sustainability. At byfreer, we recognize the multifaceted issues associated with the fashion industry and consumption, and we acknowledge our responsibility to do better.

Our core values, which have remained unchanged since day one, center around creating quality, comfortable garments made locally that are easy to care for. Our commitment to these standards is approached with utmost integrity. We distinguish ourselves through processes that prioritise being made in Sydney, adopting sustainable quantities, using natural fabrics, promoting easy care, adhering to a slow fashion approach, and maintaining transparency.

We acknowledge that there is a long journey ahead, and we hold ourselves accountable for continuous improvement. Through this ongoing process, we strive to be transparent, sharing our progress and challenges as we work towards a more responsible and sustainable future.