the re-luxed program

 byfreer re-luxed re-imagined program.


At byfreer, we run two parallel programs that reflect our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Re-Luxed | Re-Imagined // Pre-Loved 

The first, our "Re-Luxed" program, originated as a means to combat waste and offer quality garments a new lease on life. We carefully source Pre-Loved designer clothing, shoes, and accessories from worldwide outlets, ensuring these pieces are in excellent condition.

Building on the success of the Re-Luxed program, we introduced an offshoot called "Re-Luxed | Re-Imagined," or simply "Re-Imagined" for short. This innovative initiative takes our sustainability efforts a step further. Our production team sources post-consumer waste, ranging from denim jeans to men's shirts, and transforms them into entirely new and fresh designs.


byfreer re-luxed re-imagined program.


Both our Re-Luxed | Re-Imagined pieces are available in limited edition quantities, with our commitment to unique and sustainable fashion. As part of our ongoing efforts, we continuously explore new ways to enhance our sustainable practices and introduce fresh, original designs that you'll exclusively find at byfreer.

The Re-Luxed program presents a carefully curated assortment of pre-loved designer clothing and accessories. Sourced globally, this collection encompasses well-tailored jackets, sumptuous knits, and on-trend denim pieces, seamlessly complementing your existing byfreer wardrobe.

Our commitment transcends mere fashion; it's a dedication to extending the lifecycle of quality items, steering them away from landfills, and actively promoting a circular economy. At the core of our Re-Luxed program lies the ethos of sustainable luxury for the conscious consumer. We advocate for mindful choices that contribute to a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion, embodying a commitment to both style and environmental responsibility.