our story

Portrait of Lesley Watson, designer of byfreer.

"I have a passion for creating clothing that embodies honesty, simplicity, and practicality," says Lesley Watson, the creative mind behind byfreer. Embracing the mantra of "make the ordinary the extraordinary," each byfreer piece serves as a palette cleanser—a fresh start and a clean, revitalising feel. These are elevated basics at their finest, seamlessly pulling your entire wardrobe together.

Designed and made locally, byfreer prioritises style over passing trends. The focus is on relaxed, feminine tailoring, offering the ultimate everyday luxury. Our wear-everywhere styles present soft silhouettes and clean lines, featuring fabrics you can't help but want to touch. Picture silk satins, georgettes, and velvets harmonising with durable cottons. Each piece becomes your go-to, exuding confidence. Our attitude is fresh, relaxed, and fuss-free, ensuring you effortlessly elevate your everyday style.


Portrait of Lesley Watson & Andrew Mussett in their Paddington atelier & studio.
above, lesley watson (designer) pictured with partner andrew mussett (managing director).

It all began with a modest yet luxurious silk tee—Lesley's inaugural design that marked the intersection of style and opulent fabric. The success of every subsequent byfreer piece is rooted in its tactile experience. From stretch silk satin to cotton silk, Italian linen, and beyond, comfort takes precedence, and style is inherent.

As a family business since 2014, byfreer has steadily evolved year by year. Now comprising a close-knit and passionate team, stationed between two boutiques in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, byfreer remains steadfast in its commitment to small-scale and sustainable production values, aligning seamlessly with its continuous success. "If you are wearing byfreer, it was designed in Paddington and made in Sydney."